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創立公司: TRANSIN Holding Limited
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Every time you spend, every time you get your dream sooner. 

In the past, we save money in order to achieve dreams. Now, you just need to spend at our brands, we will invest in your future.
Of course, you can also activate AI invest for these money and your own money, which can obviously shorten the time you achieve your dreams.

I’m Allen PakChing Lau, the CEO of a 30-persons Hong Kong Fintech startup - TRANSIN. 
In order to achieve dreams, teens give up their life quality and entertainment, kids also think of how to buy their property in the future. Therefore, I would like to build up a business to help society to be more positive and help users to achieve their goals through the Intelligent savings (Cash rebate & individual financial planner) and AI-invest.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of TRANSIN Holding Limited. 

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer of GD Ready Production House 
Compliance Specialist in Capco (HSBC) 
Investment Consultant in H&T Reality (AUS) 
Investor in Global financial market for 6 years 
Member of innovation Entrepreneur Association 
Member of Hong Kong People’s Brand 
Member of Brightway 
Member of Hong Kong Securities and Investment Association 
BA (Finance), Queensland University of Technology 

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