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創立公司: Health Box
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My name is Jess Cheung, I started my business at age 23. Health Box is an online company selling healthy meal plans to educate, inspire and to help and transform people's health and eating habits.

 I studied at University of Huddersfield from 2011-2014, majoring BA (Hons) Marketing & Brand Management at Business School and then I studied Food and Nutrition at Hong Kong University. I have had tried several different jobs since graduation. I have worked in real estate, marketing cloud company and also global recruitment agency. 
Since graduation I had came to Hong Kong to develop and build my career. I was quite lost in what I want to do with my life in when I first came to Hong Kong. I have explored different industries and occupation, but nothing really felt like I could do it for a lifetime. 
I felt that I could not be just a ‘’typical Office lady’’ so I decided to follow my passion and what I was good at. I like cooking and I like the thought of seeing people finish their food feeling satisfied thinking ‘’it’s the best meal ever! '’This is just a little something that money cannot buy in life. I’ve always wanted to have a business but I felt a business shouldn't be just be about building up private wealth; but should someway or another help people and society. So the business idea quickly moved into doing something healthy, good and nutritious that can help people, transform one’s eating habit and educate them about health and eating clean. 


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